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Logic augmenting Cayman Islands customer experience with Calix

Logic augmenting Cayman Islands customer experience with Calix

Caribbean service provider Logic has selected solutions from Calix to enhance existing GigaCentre deployments and improve its subscriber experience in the Cayman Islands.

Logic is using behavioural analytics and business intelligence insights provided by Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and Calix Support Cloud (CSC) to optimise subscriber interactions. CMC allows Logic to target the right subscribers with the right service to match their needs, while CSC enables a more effective customer support experience where automation and analytics greatly enhance the likelihood of rapidly identifying the customer issues for resolution.

Rob McNabb, Logic CEO, said: “Insights drive action, and Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud will almost immediately reduce operation costs, drive increased revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.”

Built specifically for broadband marketers, CMC automates the gathering, analysis, and presentation of subscriber behaviours, providing continuous access to data-driven subscriber insights. CMC’s dashboards can be used to gain a better understanding of subscribers’ online usage patterns - such as heavy concurrent media streaming and new IoT devices in the connected home - laying a foundation for better marketing and service creation.

These dashboards provide all the necessary information to allow Logic to develop specific service offerings optimised for subscriber retention and upsell. CMC’s Social Channel Heatmap will allow Logic to stay plugged in to the social platform preferences of their subscribers, helping Logic to determine where and when to invest in marketing programs.

CSC allows Logic’s Help Desk customer service representatives (CSRs) to quickly resolve complicated connected home issues, including Wi-Fi connectivity, through a single comprehensive dashboard providing a holistic view of the subscriber’s home network. With this view, CSRs can quickly use CSC to identify the root cause of their subscriber’s problem. In many cases, the CSR will be immediately empowered to fix the problem remotely, and in other cases, they will be able to provide clear recommendations on how to remediate the issue for the customer.

Stephen Eyre, area vice president of cloud and software solution sales at Calix, said: “Although each service can be purchased and deployed individually, the combination of Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud with our industry leading GigaCentres gives Logic access to a complete view of their subscriber experience – from turn-up to troubleshooting – at the click of a button. By taking advantage of our Cloud Customer Success Program, Logic will experience Calix Cloud benefits both more quickly and throughout their partnership with Calix.”

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