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Tutela’s Mexico report highlights 4G performance and network coverage

Tutela’s Mexico report highlights 4G performance and network coverage

Mobile data firm Tutela has focused its latest 2019 Network Performance Report on Mexico.

Using data from almost two million devices, the report evaluates how networks are facing the current demand and examines how operators are positioned to face the challenges of the future. To compile the report, a total of 5.300 million records were examined between September 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019.

Movistar delivered the best download speed over a 4G connection, while AT&T was the best on 3G. However, the gap between first and last place was just 3.1 Mbps, indicating little performance difference between all three national operators.

Telcel’s coverage across the country is unmatched by AT&T and Movistar; in many rural locations, it is the only carrier providing service to users. AT&T’s superior latency performance put it on top for Tutela’s excellent consistent quality metric; however, Telcel’s wide-reaching network provides the best basic consistent quality score.

The most important thing that the download speed tests in Mexico reveal is that all three networks provide good download throughput to their users. A connection greater than 10 Mbps is well in excess of the speed needed for even the most demanding mobile applications, like streaming HD video or conducting a group video call. Even the 3G speeds are fast: 3 Mbps is fast enough for most video streaming, and more than enough for web browsing or social media.

When it came to consistent quality, AT&T has the highest excellent consistent quality by a significant margin, 42% compared to results close to 16% for the other two operators. This advantage is explained by two things: AT&T’s superior 4G latency performance, and the fact that AT&T has a greater proportion of its users on 4G. As the latency results show, almost any connection on 4G is going to have a lower latency than on 3G. AT&T tests used 4G the most often out of any operator, with 4 out of 5 tests on AT&T’s network using the newer technology. Telcel was in second place, while Movistar’s 4G network only accounted for 58% of results.

When looking at basic rather than excellent consistent quality, the results are very different. Telcel came out on top, with 93.1% of connections good enough for email or VOIP voice calls (like WhatsApp). AT&T was second on 91.9%, and Movistar was third with 89.7%.

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