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Viginet-IP S.A Secures Buenos Aires Neighbourhoods with Mimosa

Viginet-IP S.A Secures Buenos Aires Neighbourhoods with Mimosa

Managed municipal services provider Viginet-IP S.A. has selected solutions from 5G specialist Mimosa Networks for its new network in Argentina.

Under the terms of the contract, Viginet-IP will deploy Mimosa access, backhaul and client solutions in Buenos Aires. The firm specialises in very detailed video surveillance, with the ability to capture licence plate information in low-light situations, and according has a high requirement for high-capacity bandwidth.

Viginet-IP requires a large amount of high-capacity bandwidth to meet its needs for transmitting ultra-high-definition real-time video. To meet the increasing demands on its networks, the firm was looking for a high-speed, high-capacity fixed wireless solution.

Working with local distributor, Wireless Tigre, it conducted an extensive evaluation, ultimately selecting Mimosa for its point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments. Viginet-IP chose to deploy Mimosa A5 access points, Mimosa C5 client devices and Mimosa B5-Lite backhaul radios in the Pellegrini and Carhue-Adolfo Alsina municipalities of Buenos Aires. The A5 access points and C5 client devices were used to connect locations within 1,000 meters, with B5-Lite radios for the backhaul links. With Mimosa, Viginet-IP has reduced installation time, operation costs and equipment costs in comparison with previous point-to-point deployments.

“Mimosa provided a solution tailored to our needs, allowing us to offer connectivity in very demanding bandwidth traffic conditions such as real-time and high- definition video,” said Electronic Engineer, Federico Pablo Perez, Owner and General Manager, Viginet-IP.

The video surveillance monitoring centre feeds customers with C5 client devices which transport data for 22 cameras. The A5 access points are handling between 50 Mbps and 120Mbps. The devices are all running in auto mode, with only one A5 access point set up in manual frequency, improving its performance from the selected auto channel mode. In addition to building out the Carhue and Pelligrini municipalities, Viginet-IP plans on deploying fixed wireless solutions in additional municipalities around Buenos Aires and further afield. They are also evaluating the Mimosa A5c connectorised solution for increased coverage. 

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