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Jinny Software clinch CALA Wireless Messaging deals

Jinny Software, a leading supplier of personalised messaging and media processing platforms to mobile network operators will provide its messaging platforms to Cable & Wireless for networks in the Americas & Caribbean... Jinny clinched the deals - one for the Caribbean and one for Panama in collaboration with Ericsson. The Panama contract includes provision of an SMSC, a Real-Time Charging Gateway with Diameter prepaid interface and a Message Router. The Caribbean agreement includes a fully redundant SMSC platform, and meets Cable & Wireless's diverse requirements such as real-time charging of pre-paid subscribers, content management, and detailed reporting for each of the 13 business units covered by the solution.

Operators in the Caribbean support networks across a geographically dispersed region. As the market has grown and matured, consolidation among wireless operators has taken place and it is now dominated by key wireless network groups. Messaging solutions from Jinny respond to the problem of managing and supporting network operations that are geographically dispersed, as they offer operators the ability to centralise this critical function. The feature known as 'SMSC Sharing' offers a centralised SMSC approach; enabling an operator who owns many networks to share the same SMSC.  This solution offers convergence of messaging across all business units (individual networks), reducing overhead spend and maximising profits.

These contracts further develop Jinny's presence in the region. Both deals evidence the growing and dynamic Jinny/Ericsson business relationship servicing Central America and the Caribbean. The partnership has already successfully delivered messaging solutions to a number of operators across the Caribbean and Latin America. The winning solution offers a single messaging platform that supports all key technologies in use across the region, including GSM, CDMA, TDMA and iDEN. It is expected that further fruits of the Jinny and Ericsson partnership will be seen in the near future, as both companies are engaged in numerous other opportunities across the region.

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