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Reliance Jio and Uber join forces for drive adoption of JioMoney

Upstart Indian operator Reliance Jio has struck a deal with Uber to allow the platform’s users to pay their cab fares via its JioMoney digital wallet.

Subscribers will be able to use the JioMoney app to both request and pay for Uber rides, providing an additional channel for cashless payments in India. JioMoney business head Anirban Mukherjee noted that the Uber integration will mean that many more transactions with the ride-sharing service are conducted over the platform, driving adoption.

Uber has already begun implementing the service, which will provide Jio’s millions of subscribers with extended options for transport. Customers will be incentivised to adopt the service through special offers available to users who pay for Uber rides via JioMoney.

Madhu Kannan, chief business officer for India and emerging markets at Uber, said: “Digital payments have become part of our everyday lives and by integrating JioMoney as a payment option, our riders will have the ability to use a familiar and consistent payment experience. Through this strategic partnership we are looking to fast forward to digital solutions at scale for the Indian users.”

The dominant digital payment service in India is Paytm, which Uber integrated into its platform in late 2014. While Paytm allows passengers to pay without having to use a credit card, they cannot use the Paytm app to book or pay for rides. Jio is aiming to take on Paytm with this new deal.