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MIO brings in Digitalk to extend wireless services

Digitalk is set to announce more services in the Caribbean. Key to the expansion is Caribbean operator MIO's selection of Digitalk's Multi-Service Platform to deploy a range of wireless value-added services... Caribbean operator MIO has chosen the Digitalk Multi-Service Platform (MSP) to deploy a range of wireless value-added services targeted at the residential and business markets in Curacao. The new services are intended to use the power of the Digitalk MSP to take advantage of the well-established and extensive wireless network that spans much of the Caribbean. It will in addition include a range of prepaid calling card applications and indirect telephony services using CPS (Carrier Pre-Select). Using the Digitalk MSP as the core of its network, MIO intends to consolidate its billing requirements onto a single platform, allowing it to offer consolidated billing to its customers and to reduce its operational overheads.

EOCG Wireless, MIO's parent company, holds both 2G and 3G (cdma2000) licences throughout the region, including the islands of Curacao, Bonaire and Saint Maarten.

John Perry, COO/EVP, EOCG Wireless LLC commented; "We are continuing to strengthen our partnerships in the Caribbean to deliver highly competitive rates to the people who need it most, by delivering cost effective, fast entry to market and value-added services."

MIO previously used an agent partition on a third-party's Digitalk Multiservice Platform but has now opted to migrate its services to its own dedicated Digitalk switch due to the continued rapid growth of its services. The Digitalk platform will also act as a voice services gateway and is supported by SS7 interconnections both nationally and internationally.

The latter enable MIO to offer the most competitive call rates for both prepaid and account based customers. MIO is experiencing significant growth in the region, which is being fuelled by increasing deregulation in the market aimed at stimulating competition.

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