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CBCcom Partners with Viptela to Offer Managed Software-Defined Networking Service in China

CBCcom and Viptela will partner on a new software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) service for business customers across China using the Viptela Platform.

CBC is the country’s leading ICT and Cloud Services Provider, and also provides a full range of network access services in China to international telcos. The new CBCcom service, powered by Viptela, enables the ICT Provider to “mix and match” private and public IP connections such as MPLS, wireless LTE, broadband and Ethernet to meet each customer’s application requirements based on geographic location, topology, bandwidth and application service availability needs.

“The new Viptela-based SD-WAN service enables our customers to take advantage of both our private MPLS service and uncongested Premium Dedicated Internet Access offerings in China. This new offering provides greater flexibility and lower cost of operation to organisations without compromising performance and availability,” said Richard Fung, CEO of CBCcom.

Changes can be deployed to service policies in minutes using centralised management and zero-touch capabilities, and by providing unprecedented visibility into application and infrastructure performance, organisations can make informed decisions on resource utilisation and application tuning. The solution authenticates all devices and encrypts every packet in the network for added protection while supporting network segmentation, and enables add-on L4 - L7 services including WAN optimisation, firewalls and data leak prevention.

“The new Viptela-powered CBCcom service provides customers a flexible and wide range of business-class WAN services using a single integrated platform,” said Amir Khan, CEO of Viptela. “It uses software defined networking to combine any available connections in a particular region to offer secure, high performance and adaptable WANs to businesses of all sizes.”