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ChatSim entrepreneur launches Things Mobile as pioneering global IoT operator

ChatSim entrepreneur launches Things Mobile as pioneering global IoT operator

ChatSim founder Manuel Zanella has founded a new venture known as Things Mobile which claims to be “the first global mobile operator dedicated to the Internet of Things”.

Zanella’s ChatSim provides customers with a SIM card that delivers free data that can be used with popular instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp. The service has taken hold in many low ARPU emerging markets, and Things Mobile is now aiming to become the “most affordable, competitive and reliable” provider of IoT services.

“For a while I had been receiving requests from our customers to develop a SIM card to connect IoT devices in a more effective and affordable manner. There’s a lot of confusion in the market,” said Zanella. “The offering of large mobile telephony operators is not clear or flexible at all and the fixed costs are very expensive.”

He went on to explain that Things Mobile would provide data rates starting from €0.10 per 1MB in “the world’s most important countries”, adding that “since most devices exchange very few kilobytes, our rate guarantees very low connection costs and no management fees for devices.”

Things Mobile’s majority shareholder is Zanella’s firm Zeromobile, with other investors including ChatSim co-founder Juan De la Coba and Angelsim, which also holds shares in ChatSim.

The new operator has stated that “while ChatSim was an evolution of Zeromobile in voice, chat and text messaging, Things Mobile is the evolution in the field of data exchange.”