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OT and Etisalat bringing Internet of Things Services to Egypt

Etisalat Misr is partnering with embedded security software products provider Oberthur Technologies (OT) to launch M2M and IoT services in Egypt.

Using OT’s M-Sense solution, a software platform enabling fast service deployment, Etisalat Misr will enable its enterprise customers to quickly launch new M2M and IoT services. The partnership follows a frame agreement signed between OT and Etisalat Group (Abu Dhabi) in July 2015.

The project aims to deliver a tailored and modular solution enabling selected local ecosystem partners to leverage the platform’s ready-made components and use existing application frameworks. These components include sensor data visualisation, reporting, business rules and off-the-shelf applications in order to further build customised applications.

Etisalat Misr has selected OT’s M-Sense platform for its rich set of horizontal capabilities for both application enablement and device management. The platform allows easy and fast device integration over any network, securing collection, visualisation and real-time management of various IoT data from any M2M device and controlling remotely connected enterprise assets in real time.

Khaled Rabie CBO at Etisalat Misr, said: “OT’s solution for IoT application enablement and M2M device management will help us to drive our IoT strategy, test innovative concepts and build the many value-added services the market is looking for and that we are willing to bring to our potential customers.”

“ As OT’s M-Sense is an open and standardised platform, Etisalat customers will get access to a wide range of tools and software components and they will be able to quickly develop and launch a large portfolio of innovative M2M and IoT applications”, said Arnaud de La Chapelle, OT’s RMEA President.