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Lat Am group obtains solution for device diversity analysis

One of the leading telecom groups in the Latin America region has acquired an analytics tool in order to analyse the composition of its installed base of devices. Digicel Group is using Mobilethink’s solution to find out which devices are used by its 11 million customers across the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific basin, and how this impacts profitability and uptake of services.

The network operator’s aim is to get a detailed understanding of how the capabilities, features and technologies of the devices attached to its networks can be turned into business advantage to increase take up of new mobile internet offerings and greater ARPU from each subscriber by driving up data usage.

Mario Assaad, Group CTO of Digicel, said: “We can better extract and analyse the diversity of the installed base of mobile devices in our networks, and use this intelligence across markets and departments to launch new services and targeted campaigns in an intelligent way.”

The solution augments the operator’s existing Business Intelligence system, allowing Digicel operations in 30 countries to obtain data and reports on the addressable market for new services supporting the capabilities of every device used in its 2.5G and 3G networks. The solution can support analysis of up to 170 capabilities of more than 7,500 devices, and supports all global device vendors including smaller, local brands in India and China.

The solution is able to aggregate live device data from all its networks and combine that with other sources of data such as subscriber revenue, data usage, retail, and customer care. Armed with this information, local companies have a complete business intelligence overview of each device and subscriber present in the network and are gaining deeper insight into challenging analysis not supported by traditional BI systems like change of device ownership, device lifecycle per segment, device churn patterns, use of grey market devices, device profitability, support cost per device brand and model, and segmentation of subscribers based on device capabilities.