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Voxox Partners with VTC Intecom to Offer OTT App in Vietnam

A new partnership between VTC Intecom and rich communication service Voxox will launch a co-branded OTT app as part of the Voxox for Operators program.

The app will run on the iOS, Android and desktop platforms, and will deliver powerful unified communications features coupled with digital content, such as games, through various distribution channels.

VTC Intecom is a subsidiary of Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC), an ISP and cable firm with plans to deploy a mobile network. It is Vietnam’s leading digital content provider with more than 16 million active accounts for digital content services. The partnership is a no CAPEX, revenue-share deal with a non-exclusive licence targeting the Vietnamese market. 

As part of the agreement, VTC will license, distribute, and monetise the co-branded apps using its Vcoins virtual currency for its customers. Voxox will integrate select VTC content into the co-branded apps and localise the apps in the Vietnamese language. In addition, the Voxox desktop application will integrate the operator’s Game Launcher, which will allow customers to download and play games that are licensed by VTC.

Once deployed, the co-branded app will enable users to sign in with their current VTC login or Facebook login and use a Friend Finder feature to search for contacts and invite them to download the application and communicate for free. Voxox will issue phone numbers to VTC customers and terminate their calls on a global basis using its Service Delivery Platform, expansive telecom network interconnections, and competitive rates. Future plans include developing calling and messaging capabilities for VTC gaming customers to use in real-time during gameplay.

“Vietnam is one of the key emerging markets in Southeast Asia, and we’re thrilled to partner with VTC at this exciting time,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox. “Our partnership will help grow and extend our global reach for both features and content, while enhancing VTC customers’ communications experience.”