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MobiFone brings Wi-Fi calling to Vietnam with Taqua

Vietnamese operator MobiFone has become the first operator in the country to launch a Wi-Fi calling service.

The new service, known as WiTalk, is powered by solutions from Taqua, an IP communications firm. Using Taqua’s Virtual Mobile Core (VMC) as well as its Mobile Client, WiTalk enables Wi-Fi calling on Android smartphones that do not have native dialler support for this capability.

Offering Wi-Fi calling enables MobiFone’s subscribers to make phone calls and send text messages over any Wi-Fi network in the same way as they do when using the operator’s standard cellular network. As a result, subscribers can receive high quality voice and messaging services in the places they spend most of their time, such as at home and the office. Taqua’s approach to Wi-Fi Calling is transparent to subscribers as it enables them to continue using the native dialler app, contacts app, call history and voice mail on their handset when connected to Wi-Fi or the cellular network.

To activate the new WiTalk service, MobiFone subscribers can download WiTalk by MobiFone from the Google Play Store. WiTalk is an effective solution for subscribers who may have a poor cellular network connection but have access to a good Wi-Fi network. When travelling out of country, MobiFone subscribers can text and make calls over Wi-Fi networks with lower call tariffs, rather than using regular international roaming services. Overseas MobiFone subscribers will not be charged for receiving calls by using WiTalk.

Nam Bui Son, Deputy Managing Director of MobiFone Corporation at MobiFone, said: “With the completion of this trial, we have now begun to roll out the commercial service offering to our subscriber base. In the near future we hope to extend WiTalk to overseas Vietnamese.”