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Latin America celebrates 3G debut call

Uruguayan telco ANTEL has hosted Latin America's first 3G (UMTS) call. The crucial initial call was made on 26 July and uses Huawei's end-to-end R4-based UMTS network.

ANTEL will exploit the R4 network to create state-of-the-art services, including video phone, high-speed internet, live TV, real-time monitoring and multimedia services. In turn, Huawei's aim for UMTS is to provide value-added mobile services via UTRAN (UMTS Territory Radio Access Network) incorporating SC&C (Smart Capacity & Coverage) technology. The latter must comprise compatible core networks for GSM/GPRS/3GPP R99/3GPP R4, open intelligent networks and mobile data platforms, transport and signalling solutions tailored for mobile networks, uniform network management solutions, and operating support systems. Huawei Technologies also offers UMTS handsets and user devices. A

NTEL dates back to 1974 and is Uruguay's largest community of mobile services, with more than 450,000 subscribers. At the celebration ceremony, Ms Maria Simon, President of ANTEL, said: "It is an exciting moment for Latin Americans, as this historical 3G call (made available with Huawei Technologies' UMTS solution) marks the first time Latin Americans can experience enriched telecommunications via 3G technology."

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