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CellMining: Assaf Aloni's 2016 Trends

The customer experience is central to mobile networks, and throughout 2016 operators will continue to optimise their networks to meet this need, according to CellMining’s Assaf Aloni…

Which developing or emerging markets (regions / countries) do you cover?

Eastern Europe, Latin America, certain countries of Asia Pacific. CellMining helps mobile network operators to optimise their RAN (Radio Access Network) based on measurement and analysis of subscriber experience.

What are your main hardware and/or services focus areas?

We focus on creating a better mobile subscriber experience by virtue of optimising the RAN according to experiences we analyse. CellMining only markets and sells software based solutions - Behavior-Based SON Solution and Subscriber Experience Hub Solution. Services we sell are for the deployment of the solution(s) and support services.

What are the top market and customer trends that will drive change in your area during 2016, and why?

The mobile operators' existing practices of optimising the RAN (Radio Access Network) performance are already meeting limitations, with the need to continue maintaining legacy technologies (GSM, CDMA) and UMTS/WCDMA and in parallel rolling out new technologies (LTE, LTE/A). Recent trends in network optimisation and SON (Self-Organising Networks) that will drive change in 2016 and onwards are the examination of customer quality of experience and quality service as drivers for improvement in network performance improvements. In other words, closing the loop and driving automatic network changes based on customer experience data - on a daily, hourly and sometimes even minute basis.

What are the solutions that will make the greatest impact in your area during 2016, and why?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications and IoT (Internet of Things) will for sure drive up traffic on already congested infrastructure that has to be well maintained by already-too-busy radio engineers. This will speed up adoption of SON solutions that can free up the busy engineering team to adopt and roll out new technologies.

What changes need to be made to speed up developments and what can hold them back?

The adoption of CEM (Customer Experience Management) practices across the entire mobile industry will drive even higher adoption rates for CEM-based SON the like of CellMining.

Which of the following will be the most important in emerging markets in 2016?

4G/LTE; SDN; NFV; Small Cells; HetNets & SONs; VoLTE; IoT.

Explain why your selections will be important in 2016.

Every trend or driver that either drives up traffic or exerts pressure on operators to deliver great experience with bound capacity and infrastructure. Similarly, NFV/SDN will deliver flexible infrastructure but will require evermore agnostic performance optimization engines. Finally, we are already witnessing VoLTE trials but too few commercial service launches, primarily due to the complexity of the service and initial poor service quality in the trials. CellMining can detect VoLTE quality issues to help speed up commercial launches.

Assaf Aloni is the Vice President of Marketing at CellMining.