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Special Report: SDN & NFV in Emerging Markets

Developing Telecoms' Special Report on SDN and NFV in Emerging Markets is now available to download free of charge.

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As part of our ongoing series this Special Report examines the hot-button topic of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation) implementation from the perspective of the communications ecosystem in developing and emerging markets. This is one of the most important issues currently exercising the minds of CTOs, CIOs, CMOs and CEOs at Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers (CSPs), and this is the first major report to look at this topic from an emerging markets perspective.

Given the potential cost savings CSPs can make by deploying the technologies, it's reasonable to expect that interest would be greatest in the intensely competitive, low ARPU markets typical to emerging markets. Moreover, SDN and NFV offer new entrants to possibility of technologically leapfrogging incumbents.

This report examines the obstacles that face widespread adoption of NFV and SDN technologies given the current technological capabilities of networks in emerging markets, and weighs these against the future benefits that will be delivered by virtualisation. Many senior executives believe that emerging markets are as yet insufficiently technologically advanced to fully realise these benefits, while CSPs are further deterred by the extensive investment that will be required for deployments.

However, these factors might initially seem like impediments, but they do not have to be permanent or long term. Articles in this Special Report durectly address these issues and attempt to provide some answers. When satisfactory technical, marketing and financial answers are found to all the questions, SDN and NFV have huge potential in developing and emerging markets - greater than that in developed markets given the surging demand for mobile data in particular.

To download your FREE copy please complete and submit the form:

SDN-NFV in Emerging Markets 2015
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