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Slovakia sees wireless world first

Twenty cities in Slovakia, including parts of the capital city Bratislava, have become the first anywhere in the world to switch on Flash-ODM. The wireless broadband variant has been introduced into Slovakia by T-Mobile Slovakia and Siemens.

Flash-ODM's main characteristics are a 450MHz frequency spectrum, and a service suitable overall for mobile or fixed installations which is accessed through base stations, desktop modems and PC cards. Subscribers receive 1Mb/s down and 256Kb/s up.

 To her credit, Slovakia has acknowledged the problems her wired infrastructure possesses. Flash-ODM is intended to raise broadband penetration where there is definitely not enough wired infrastructure. In fact, T-Mobile Slovakia has declared its pride in operating in the first country anywhere to adopt what it calls: "this exciting new technology, which has the power to deliver broadband Internet to offices and homes, even in areas that lack other telecommunications infrastructure."